Treadwell is continually seeking to play an active role in the community and breaking the ritual of just volunteering. Our main objective to work does not only move around the norms or rules of the community engagement but we also utilise and make use of exterior outlook that is incorporated into our corporate objectives.

Some of the organisations we involve ourselves are shown below:

  • Rapid Relief Team
  • South Australian Country Fire Service
  • Royal Flying Doctor Service


Treadwell looks after the well-being and safety of its employees as we firmly believe that they are our greatest assets. Treadwell continues in striving to attract the right people and increasing our current pool of talent. We promote a healthy lifestyle to our staff members and courage activities that strengthen bonding and work-life balance. We are also advocates of annual health check-ups. Treadwell believes that every employee should return home safely after work each day and are extremely committed to the health and safety protocols that protect them. A holistic Occupational Health and Safety Management System that is complaint to Australian legislation is strictly adopted and adhered to at Treadwell.