DeckSAFE® Systems

DeckSAFE® has emerged as one of the market’s genuine solutions for landings, slippery ramps, catwalks, decks, etc. It is mainly designed to eliminate the threats of trips, slips as well as falls in the workplace where there is direct contact with water, oil and other forms of liquids to reduce risks.

In addition, the bright yellow color is used to enhance the visibility factor in order to have greater awareness against the incidents. We can also match any RAL colour with DeckSAFE®. This is not all, DeckSAFE® comprises of heavy duty abrasive grit to reduce the hazards associated with extreme oil and wet conditions.

Employee awareness can be taken one step further with the help of incorporated signage. DeckSAFE® can include any character, work or letter as per the requirement. DeckSAFE® has the ability to increase the attention to safety of any given application wherever it is installed.

DeckSAFE® provides a total ease of mind, not only for stakeholders and management personnel, but also employees, ensuring everyone’s care.