LadderEX® FRP Ladders

LadderEX® is the choice alternative to metallic ladders and cage systems, providing superior corrosion resistance and electrical transparency. Even in complete submersion applications, our FRP ladders have outlasted aluminium and steel, and required little maintenance or care.

Our products in this range are made of fibreglass which offers unparalleled advantages, overtaking alternatives that are metal or steel based in whatever application. Our FRP ladders and ladder cage systems are produced using a premium grade polyester resin system with flame retardant and ultraviolet (UV) inhibitor additives. A vinylester resin system is an option upon request for added corrosion resistance. Standard side rails and cages are in safety yellow. The rungs are a pultruded fiberglass polyester tube with a fluted, non-skid surface.

The product range in ladder and platform systems include fibreglass platforms, fibreglass ladders, fibreglass caged ladder, FRP walkways and other such customisations in FRP based optimisation which are offered in the following categories:

• Complete FRP Access Fibreglass Platforms Structure
• Fibreglass Caged Ladder System
• Industrial Access Fibreglass Ladders

Ladder Options