EXduro™ Support Systems

EXduro™ support systems have vertical hinges that are designed and fabricated to allow free alterations. The riser system of these FRP structures is supported with the help of the angled splice plates. For ensuring immovability of the ladder rung system, the edges are trimmed to prevent snagging. The unique and innovative methods to design the FRP beams ensure that these support systems can bear the heavy load and cross sections. Snap locks are employed to ensure the trays are placed in the correct position.

The fibreglass composite material provides safeguard over performance even in low temperatures. The products do not have any halogen content and will not experience any distortion or deflection.

Duro Strut®

Treadwell’s non-slip technology has been applied in the design of the Duro Strut® support system. This technology helps in connecting various channel framing accessories along with the FRP support system accessories, and are interchangeable with almost all systems. The fibreglass composite material is light in weight, easy to install with simple tools onsite and non-metallic in nature. The additional instruments available with the support system are simple to make and cut as well.

We offer our clients a huge range of accessories, such as clevis and pipe hangers, base plates, splice plates, fasteners and angle brackets, conduit pipe and support systems in conjunction with the Duro Strut® support system. We provide custom fabrication support systems to our clients and ensure timely engineering assistance.

FRP Ceiling Mounts

The ceiling systems from the EXduro™ range are considered the ideal replacement for metal parts. The installation process for these FRP ceiling mounts is cost-effective and the FRP material reveals its quality and high performance with its durability and resilience.

Performance remains consistent even in the harsh environmental conditions. They are non-corrosive nature that allows the users to place them in the most challenging scenarios. As these ceiling mounts are made of fibreglass, they are not affected by corrosion and moisture.

The FRP ceiling mounts maintain a strong and rigid structure, yet they are light in weight. These FRP structures do not require painting and are oblivious to peeling and blistering. These mounts can be used in both magnetic as well as electric fields as they boast strong insulating properties and are transparent to radio frequency.