Conductive Grating

Treadwell’s conductive grating helps in draining off the build-up of unwanted and hazardous static electricity when grounded. This specialised type of grating offers an electrical resistance that is less than 26 kilo-ohms-foot while maintaining desirable features of the conventional fibreglass moulded grating.

Conventional fibreglass gratings are usually non-conductive and they provide a safety factor when kept in the electrically sensitive environment. Conductive grating offered by Treadwell features a black carbon surface that discharges static electricity built up on FRP grating surfaces in places where electrical current is a great risk factor. The conductive grating is used in the areas where work is carried out amongst highly sensitive electrical equipment, chemical & petrochemicals, and munitions.

The Treadwell moulded carbon top can be amalgamated with any of the grating products and can be combined with any EX-Series® resin formulation.