Treadwell EX-Series® Composite FRP Grating & Anti-Slip Decking

GratEX® FRP Moulded Grating

Our popular range of moulded FRP composite grating solutions features bi-directional strength characteristics for a proficient anti-slip deck and offers versatility unparalleled by other products in its field.


MoultrEX® FRP Moultruded Grating

A superb combination of the characteristics offered in both GratEX® and GridEX® products that ensures a non-slip fibreglass grating system with high point loading and bi-directional strength. Well suited as an anti-slip decking option for urban spaces.


GridEX® FRP Pultruded Grating

Treadwell’s pultruded FRP grating range which provides fantastic uni-directional strength. This non-slip grating has higher point loading capabilities as well.


EX-Series® FRP Stair Treads

Treadwell makes available FRP stair treads in both moulded and pultruded non-slip grating profiles. Available in isopthalic, vinyl ester and phenolic fire retardant resin systems, they are well suited to both commercial and domestic applications.


EX-Series® P Series® Phenolic Grating

Treadwell’s P-Series® Phenolic fibreglass or FRP grating is the ultimate choice for applications where fire risk is prevalent and when smoke needs to be restricted.


FRP Grating Accessories

Treadwell’s conductive grating drains off unwanted, dangerous static electricity when grounded - increasing safety in electrically sensitive areas.


EX-Series® FRP Grating Accessories

Treadwell’s ACCESS SYSTEMS are well supported with a range of products to meet each unique scenario met by our customers.


EX Series® Grating Product Guide

Treadwell's collection of FRP grating solutions has expanded progressively and now includes extensive grating offerings with a wide range of ancillary components and fixings. For the complete range and technical details of our FRP grating offerings, please refer to our EX-Series® Grating Product Guide.