Ladderex® Retract-A-Stile

LadderEX® Retract-A-Stiles are the perfect solution for convenience and flexibility for added safety, especially in confined spaces. Made from FRP, they are corrosion resistant and require very little maintenance if any. LadderEX® Retract-A-Stiles are also easy to install and maximise safety when working at heights. The handles are ergonomically designed for maximum grip and the fixing brackets are suited for utmost strength and versatility. LadderEX® components are fabricated in modular sections which then allows for construction of endless ladder and access configurations to suit specific site requirements. We can easily accommodate your needs into any of our designs with our Retract-A-Stile.

To comply with AS 1657, minimum total length of ladder must be no shorter than 1700mm and the stiles should extend at least 1000mm above the top landing.