StairSAFE®- FRP Stair Nosing For Any Environment

Treadwell’s StairSAFE® stair nosing is designed to endure severe conditions and environments given its robust FRP construction. The grid surfaces are permeated into the substrate thus ensuring that the prospect of delamination is minimised significantly. This feature enables StairSAFE® to show outstanding chemical resistance and making it suitable for corrosive environments.


One of the most common issues associated with insecure metal backed alternatives is delamination. The integration of heavy duty grit surfaces affords a guarantee against this common problem. In addition, the fire retardant extracts are infused to guarantee stronger heat and fire resistance, allowing the product conform to ASTM E84.


The product lasts than five times* as compared with other metallic alternatives. This allows StairSAFE® FRP stair nosing to not only minimise the initial production cost but also reduce the overall cost of maintenance and installation.


StairSAFE® conforms to BS 7976-2202 + AI:2013, AS/NZS 4586, BS 8300:2009 + AL:2010


* Statistics based on in-situ tests carried out on StairSAFE FRP nosing products in an ammonia production facility in Australia.

Specifications of StairSAFE™



Available in four standard depths, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 300mm. Custom depths are also available up to 300mm. Available in any length up to 3,250mm.



Heavy duty grit layer provides an ideal anti-slip surface; likewise safety yellow offers enhanced visibility.



Designed to handle most chemicals. Please refer to our Chemical Resistance Guide, CALL 1800 246 800 OR EMAIL for further details.



Specially formulated resin systems and metallic available on request.



Smooth bullnose, sloped on an 850 inclined plane ensures no trip risk is posed.



Heavy duty industrial fixings for all applications. Surface for rungs normally applied by using a polyurethane adhesive glue system.