FRP Instrumentation and Push Button Stand Systems

EXduro™ push button and instrumentation stands have high tensile strength due to the fiberglass material that it is manufactured from. The stands are made from a vinylester tube and base system, as a result, they cost less than the stainless steel instrument stands.

These FRP instrument and push button stands are lightweight as compared to the steel and galvanized stands available on the market. These products are easy to install and require almost zero maintenance. They do not rust even after a long usage when exposed to various oxidising conditions.

These FRP instruments and push button stands can be customised to any type of configuration, whether it is a double or a single post, large mounting panel type design or various mounting and weight requirements, Treadwell can do it. It requires very little time for installation due to the easy fit and cut design. They are compatible with metallic structures and industrial bases. The instrumentation stands are easy to build on site and save both time and money.