Treadwell ArchitEX™ - Construction FRP Made From Pultrusions

The ArchitEX™ scope of products provides a variety of structural profiles that are manufactured from fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) through a pultrusion process (see below). It is through continual research and development that the wide range of fibreglass sections, beams, and profiles are fabricated consistently to ensure satisfactory results even in challenging structural conditions.

The fibreglass beams, columns and associated sections are produced from high quality FRP material, which makes structures strong as well as rewarding. Durable construction FRP such as fibreglass sections and beams enhances the strength of the entire framework as well as infrastructure. Both fibreglass beams and sections are specifically designed to endure all sorts of environmental inconsistencies.

Ranging from engineered to structural products and siding items to industrial roofing, the complete range of ArchitEX™ FRP solutions is known to have extended and superior UV protection and stability, which is again an exclusive feature of the product line. These options, coupled with the flexibility of resin types, material selection, shapes and more, define the products and make them well suited as a construction FRP option.

Pultrusion Machine