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Treadwell Group is one the most established names in the supply of engineered FRP products and solutions in Australia.
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Fibre Reinforced Plastic Solutions & Anti-Slip Material: Treadwell Group

Treadwell Group

At Treadwell Group, our distinct business divisions have been developed by utilising the most current composites technology in supplying fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) solutions and anti-slip materials. We engage our clients and provide true value through effective application of our broad range of fibreglass composite products and systems. We have constantly evolved our offerings in FRP grating, ladders, handrails and more. In line with this, we have grown in proficiency and capability in providing unique FRP solutions to a diversified range of industries like marine, mining, public infrastructure, oil and gas, and food and beverage sectors to name a few. The advancement of our products made from this unique anti-slip material is aimed at securing extended design life in different types of applications. In turn, this enables us to aid our continuing commitment to add more value to our customers’ undertakings.

Our FRP Solutions & Anti-Slip Material

Treadwell’s EX-Series range of products include a wide selection of FRP grating types, handrails and ladders that can be customised according to the application.

This is our unique range of FRP structural profiles. The complete range of ArchitEX™ FRP solutions boosts the strength of a framework and infrastructure with its columns, beams and more.

Treadwell offers an assortment of cable instrumentation systems based on the latest technology with the EXduro™ range. EXduro™ encompasses fibreglass cable trays, instrumentation stands & FRP support accessories.

Specialist in a variety of anti-slip solutions for every type of surface application. The encompassing range of SAFE-SERIES™ products is minimalistic, flexible with colours and styles and has the ability to suit any environment.

Treadwell’s FRP answer to providing secure and safe structural and access solutions in electrically sensitive or corrosive environments. Constructed from premium resin systems, we have successfully applied our FRP solution across a diverse range of industries.

Treadwell's SecurEX® FRP fencing system is suited for a wide range of applications including substations, switch yards, rail corridor and much more.

For Recreational Public Infrastructure in the urban space, Treadwell offers the complete range of engineered FRP products to suit this particular scope of works.

We believe that water and waste water management is crucial for society. By using the latest FRP technology, we have developed EcoEX™ to treat these resources right.

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