Gratex®- Square & Heavy Duty Square Mesh

Treadwell’s standard square and heavy duty square fibreglass mesh grating are designed to be of high strength and made with as a single piece construction mesh panel. Treadwell offers both standard and customised panels that are made with reference to the customer’s drawings. Alternately, the Treadwell’s drafting department can also customise panels according to specifications for you.

For more information, please refer to our Grating Product Guide in the Resources section.

Square and Heavy Duty (HD) Square Mesh surface options

Anti-Slip Surface - This FRP surface is mainly used for industrial purposes. It has hardwearing and has a good co-efficient of friction (NATA laboratory test report available). Unlike the serrated steel grating, the anti-slip surface of this product does not place an impact on the load carrying capacity.

Concave Surface - This is one of the most preferred surfaces for the industrial environments where the by-products are caught by the process of serrations. This surface option can also be utilised for guarding purposes to allow safe handling/ contact.

Plain Surface - The surface is a non-stock option and is mainly used for architectural features in commercial applications. Whilst the aesthetics of the product is improved over the other options, the anti-slip properties do not compare in effectiveness.