GridEX® I Type Grating

This unique FRP grating system is manufactured and designed with the structural integrity associated with metal grating systems in mind but without having the corresponding corrosion problems. GridEX® I Type grating system has numerous benefits and they include high resistance to fatigue, creep or any permanent distortion.

The pultrusion manufacturing process offers great results in terms of consistent reinforcement properties and high glass content. These are important factors for performance and fulfills the enhanced physical properties required. The load-bearing members of the grating are mechanically locked together and forms a highly stable and strong grating panel. The innermost core of unidirectional glass reinforcements offer toughness and robustness which is required by the load bar. The GridEX® I Type system offers optimum resistance to deflection along with the ability to support maximum loads as compared to other composite systems because of the exceptionally designed engineered shape of the load bar.

For more information, please refer to our Grating Product Guide in the Downloads section.