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GridEX®  FRP Grating, Fibreglass Grating, GRP

Treadwell's GratEX® Moulded FRP grating is a high strength, single piece construction mesh panel product. Treadwell offers both standard panel sizes as well as the option of custom panels made to order from your drawings, or alternatively, drawings provided by Treadwell's drafting department.

Cost effective GratEX® panels allow for effective on-site fabrication/trimming whilst ensuring that wastage is minimised. Load bearing bars in both directions, likewise, allow for use without continuous side support and so contribute to cost effectiveness. GratEX® offers all the benefits available with grating made from other materials plus a host of superior benefits unequalled by steel or other metallic alternatives; and hence has over time become the first choice in chemical resistant flooring for many industrial applications.

Fibreglass grating has been used in the gulf of Mexico for the past 30 years and has a proven case history of being able to with stand the harshest of conditions. Over the past 30 years Fibreglass grating has accumulated a number of different names such as FRP Grating, Fibreglass Grating, GRP Grating and enven the American spelling is comenly used Fiberflass grating. Treadwell Fibreglass grating represents exceptional value for money comparied to that of metalic alternative, from the following perspectives:



So call Treadwell today for your A4 sample of Fibreglass grating to be sent out to you and a free comparison quotation that will prove the cost benefits of FRP grating compared to that of any metalic alternative.