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Access Systems: Storm Chief

GratEX®  Storm Chief

The GratEX® StormChief system is the perfect maritime grating fixing system, offering wave zone loadings and the ease of installation carried out completely from above the surface of the grating.

Developed to compliment the Treadwell's range of grating products, which have an outstanding performance history in offshore applications, StormChief has proved to be the ideal solution for fixing grating to structural members in destructive wave zone areas. Being a hybrid GratEX®/Hilti design, the system also allows installation following finalisation of sub-structure coating and will not impinge on the integrity of the coating.

StormChief eliminates the hassle of doing up nuts on the underside of grating and also any chance of corrosion through a uniquely designed fixing system that means the substructure need not be penetrated* on the underside. The incorporation of a unique seal eliminates the possibility of the raw metal, exposed for initial installation, ever being exposed again after installation of the stud. *provided the sub-structure is over 10 mm thick (to be confirmed by supplier)

StormChief Claw

The Claw, as the name suggests, is an extremely effective solution to the harshest of offshore applications due to the sturdy design of the 316 Stainless Steel fingers which protrude down into the grating aperture. This system is very easily installed utilising the Hilti stud system and is perfect for securing walkway grating to sub-structures.

StormChief Dish

The Dish has been developed for use in areas where grating exceeds a width of 1200 mm and where the layout of grating at awkward angles does not allow for the use of the claw. The top surface of the grating must be recessed to allow for installation of the Dish system to ensure trip hazards are avoided, but this system does incorporate the use of the Hilti stud system, ensuring ease of installation.

StormChief HILTI XBT System

Designed by Hilti, and offered by Treadwell in order to satisfy the demands of our clientele, the XBT system offers extreme ease of installation, with no recessing of top surfaces required and still ensures the guarantee of not having to impact on the integrity of the structural coating by attaching to the Hilti stud. As for all StormChief products, the XBT system is produced using all 316 Stainless Steel to ensure corrosion is reduced.

StormChief HILTI Stud/GratEX Hybrid

This stud, which has been incorporated in all of Treadwell's StormChief range, is able to be used in conjunction with any of the standard GratEX® Clip Tops featured on page 18 to form an extremely hardy, corrosion resistant clip system that can be installed 100% from on top of the grating – no need for time consuming, risky installations. Ensure that your grating panels are placed correctly and fixed temporarily before beginning. This system has been endorsed by numerous corrosive mineral processing plants, with extreme reductions in downtime due to grid mesh replacement being experienced.