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Treadwell Group is one the most established names in the supply of engineered FRP products and solutions in Australia.
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Structural Profiles: 5 Key Considerations For Selection

Discover the important factors to consider when choosing structural profiles for your project. Understanding the Purpose of the Structure The purpose of which the structure is used determines the type of profile used and the specified material. Additionally, relevant safety standards and codes must be complied to. Some main points to consider are: If the […]


We were lucky to catch some awesome views in Myponga

We were lucky to catch some awesome views in Myponga, SA, as the sun was setting after the completion of the access way retrofit to this pipeline. Exposed to elements isn’t an issue for our FRP grating. Find out more at…/frp-grating-range/.


Treadwell has just supplied our FRP Mini Mesh

Treadwell has just supplied our FRP Mini Mesh to this canyon lookout in the Northern Territory. Aside from great durability to the environment there, we have also edge banded the grating to suit the environment (around the existing rock structure). Drop us a line on 1800 246 800 or email us at to find […]


Another boat ramp completed

Another boat ramp completed for many sunny days ahead! Part of EnviroTREAD range is to supply FRP materials for such a need. Find out more at


Old town road version today

Old town road version today. Treadwell has recently helped refurbish a shearing shed with our FRP grating as a new and even more durable deck! To find out more about our grating, visit us at…/frp-grating-range/.


Embracing Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) in Australia

In the ever-evolving landscape of construction materials, Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) have emerged as the unsung hero, revolutionizing the way we build and shape our surroundings. This lightweight and durable composite material, crafted from a blend of polymer matrix and embedded glass fibers, is rewriting the narrative of construction materials, leaving traditional choices as a […]


Safety Underfoot: A Complete Guide to Stair Treads

Are you looking to enhance the safety of your stairs? Look no further than Treadwell Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) stair treads. These stair treads provide a secure and anti-slip surface to your stairs. Constructed from premium resin systems, Treadwell FRP stair treads are durable, corrosion resistant, and available in different mesh types. Easy to install […]


Step Up with Style: The Ultimate Guide to Stair Nosing

Minimise the risks of slips and trips on your stairs with Treadwell Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) stair nosing. Available in widths from 50 to 300mm, Treadwell StairSAFE® FRP Stair Nosing is engineered to endure various environmental conditions. This can also be easily retrofitted to your existing stair access. Treadwell FRP stair nosing is available in […]