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An alternative to FRP fencing

An alternative to FRP fencing, our GratEX FRP screen guards are a great protective barrier where there are electrical and RF safety concerns. Find out more about our range at…/ex-series-frp-grating-…/.


Square FRP handrails

Very very rarely do we do it but we do supply square FRP handrails from time to time. This time in a pumping station way out there in NSW. Exposure to the elements for Treadwell’s FRP is never an issue! to find out more!


Hustling in the factory before the weekend

Hustling in the factory before the weekend begins as we get our pre-engineered stepovers ready to be dispatched. Manufactured to the standards set by Treadwell and coupled with the known benefits of FRP, these stepovers require very little maintenance.


EcoEX™ FRP odour control and tank covers

Our EcoEX™ FRP odour control and tank covers can be seen installed at a waste-water treatment facility. They are a unique engineered system designed to contain particulate, odours and corrosive gases. To know more, visit:


Treadwell’s FRP handrails

Treadwell’s FRP handrails are a great option that meets AS 1657 for replacing existing corroded ones in challenging environments. To find out more, visit


Treadwell’s FRP handrails!

Looks like a need for Treadwell’s FRP handrails! Our handrails can withstand the toughest of environments & outlast most materials on the market today. Further, we meet the AS 1657 standard. For more information, visit


Treadwell’s fibreglass grating

Treadwell’s fibreglass grating is designed to be of high strength and made as a single piece construction mesh panel. We offer both standard and customised panels that can be made with reference to customers’ drawings. Read more about the range here:…/frp-grating-range/