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Treadwell Group is one the most established names in the supply of engineered FRP products and solutions in Australia.
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Treadwell Group- Offers Quality FRP Solutions

Treadwell Group is a reputable company that has earned wide recognition all over the world for providing top-notch pultruded FRP structures to varied industries from marine to mining. We prioritize client satisfaction and employ our utmost effort to deliver durable FRP solutions in accordance with their requirements and budget. The pultruded fibreglass structures we provide […]


Micro Mesh Bridge Access

Micro Mesh offers ease of access across this bridge. It also facilitates easy movement of the pets along with the use of the high heels easily with the smaller apertures.


FRP Grating along the Coastline

When the elements are exposed along the coastline, the present of FRP creates a robust case mainly because of its anti-corrosive properties. In addition to that, the FRP grating used for this project was is tailored with an anti-slip surface for a safer access way and to safeguard the reserve.


Other benefits of Treadwell’s FRP C Channels

FRP C Channels offered by Treadwell not only made the fenders harder but at the same time it also minimizes the possibilities of the damage. The results are more effective as compared to the exposed plastic or timber cappings. On the top of that because of its build quality, FRP, it successfully outperforms any other […]


FRP Structural Profiles

Robust, resistant to corrosion, transparent to RF frequencies and electricity, FRP structural profiles emerged as a compelling case against traditional materials in order to fulfill the requirements of any given design. In order to get more information please visit


Green Commitment to Sustainability

In order to take a further step ahead towards Treadwell’s Green Commitment to sustainability, the company has recently installed 90 solar panels for power support in the head office located at North Plympton, SA. Visit in order to get more information regarding sustainability policy.