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Treadwell Group is one the most established names in the supply of engineered FRP products and solutions in Australia.
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SAFE-SERIES Is The Latest Line Of FRP Anti-Slip

Treadwell has had a wealth of experience in the provision of anti-slip products since 1994. SAFE-SERIES is our latest line of FRP anti-slip products that we supply. To find out more about our range, please visit


Treadwell’s Products Fit In Modern Recreational Surroundings

Fitting into its modern recreational surroundings very well, Treadwell’s FRP grating, structural beams as well as stainless accessories to suit were installed to be pragmatic and easy on the eye. To find out more about the products applied, please visit We can help you design, manufacture and deliver.


Order Now In FRP Louvres

Did you know that Treadwell Group could order in FRP louvres for your next project? Contact us on 1800 246 800 or at to find out more!


Mini Mesh in Victoria

A look back to this colourful jetty where we supplied our Mini Mesh in Victoria. To find out more about our Mini Mesh, please visit…/ex-serie…/frp-mini-mesh/


FRP Grating And Structural Sections

A very well paid off effort in getting jetty and bridge supplied during the Christmas period last year. Treadwell’s FRP grating and structural sections engineered and manufactured to fit into this quiet and pristine environment. Visit us at to find out more.


FRP Solutions For Corrosion Problems

Corrosion a big problem at your workplace? Chemicals corroding away traditional materials onsite? Treadwell’s FRP solutions can be the answer you are looking for. Just like with this structure at a salt processing compound, Treadwell’s team can engineer a solution that outlasts most materials for you.