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Treadwell Group is one the most established names in the supply of engineered FRP products and solutions in Australia.
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We were lucky to catch some awesome views in Myponga

We were lucky to catch some awesome views in Myponga, SA, as the sun was setting after the completion of the access way retrofit to this pipeline. Exposed to elements isn’t an issue for our FRP grating. Find out more at…/frp-grating-range/.


Treadwell has just supplied our FRP Mini Mesh

Treadwell has just supplied our FRP Mini Mesh to this canyon lookout in the Northern Territory. Aside from great durability to the environment there, we have also edge banded the grating to suit the environment (around the existing rock structure). Drop us a line on 1800 246 800 or email us at to find […]


Another boat ramp completed

Another boat ramp completed for many sunny days ahead! Part of EnviroTREAD range is to supply FRP materials for such a need. Find out more at


Old town road version today

Old town road version today. Treadwell has recently helped refurbish a shearing shed with our FRP grating as a new and even more durable deck! To find out more about our grating, visit us at…/frp-grating-range/.


Missing summer days!

Missing summer days! One of our very first public infrastructure projects on a small jetty back then! Find out more on what we can offer at


SAFE-SERIES™ is Treadwell’s selection of pre-manufactured

SAFE-SERIES™ is Treadwell’s selection of pre-manufactured and ready made for installation anti-slip products for harsh environments. Fabricated from FRP composites, anti-slip decks and rung covers are easy to install over existing structures to create the most dependable anti-slip surface available. Have a look at our brochure for this range here:…/safe-series-Flyer-03052…


An alternative to FRP fencing

An alternative to FRP fencing, our GratEX FRP screen guards are a great protective barrier where there are electrical and RF safety concerns. Find out more about our range at…/ex-series-frp-grating-…/.