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Treadwell offers several product lines ideally suited for the food processing industry.

Food and Beverage

Treadwell offers several product lines ideally suited for use in the food processing industry: from access systems designed for in floor drains and stands through to industrial slip control and custom anti-slip products, as well as underfoot matting.

Treadwell produces a number of product lines that are ideal for food and beverage projects and general plant operation and maintenance - installations include breweries, abattoirs and meat processing, dairies, and sugar processing plants.

Access Systems

Treadwell is a market leader in the manufacture and development of fibreglass access systems.

  • Fibreglass Grating
  • Fibreglass Handrail
  • Fibreglass Structures and Walkways


Treadsafe's anti-slip control is recognised as a world leader in combatting slips, trips and falls.

  • Anti-Slip Stairnosing
  • Anti-Slip Flat Sheeting
  • Anti-Slip Ladder Rungs

Work Well Mats

Work Well Mats is a leader in innovative underfoot and matting solutions focused on maximising safety and comfort in the industrial workplace.

  • Industrial matting
  • Catering and Hospitality Matting
  • Accessories and Boundary Floor Mounting

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