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GratEX®  Resin Systems

Beneath is an overview of the resin systems offered in the Access Systems range. When choosing a resin type for your application, we highly recommend you consult with us in relation to the application to ensure the correct resin is specified. Considerations such as corrosion, environment, temperature, fire resistance, smoke and smoke toxicity requirements must be taken into account, and will dictate which resin system should be utilised for optimum performance over time.

Standard Resin Systems Comparison Chart

O-Series™ is an architectural grade Polyester Resin System with a moderate chemical resistance. O- Series is a good choice for commercial or light industrial applications, especially in areas where moisture is prevalent. O-Series is often utilised for public infrastructure applications were it has been proven to outperform traditional timber decking products.

I-Series™ is a premium Isopthalic Resin System. This system provides an intermediate level of chemi- cal resistance and is the correct choice for areas subjected to splash and spill contact with harsh chemi- cals. This system is an excellent general-purpose resin and is a more favourably priced alternative to the vinyl ester system. This system has a flame spread of 25 or less.

V-Series™ Vinyl Ester Resin System is a high quality and is the most chemical resistant system offered in the industry and has been developed for use in environments where fibreglass/FRP products are subject to frequent and direct contact with the harshest of chemicals: including a broad range of acids and caustics. This system has a flame spread of 25 or less.

P-Series™ Phenolic Resin System is a system designed specifically for use where fire resistance, low smoke and low toxic fumes are critical. P-Series is typically used in offshore applications and confined spaces where such criteria are an absolute necessity. This system is tested in accordance with ASTM E-84. Various products also conforming to US Coast Guard Approvals, Level 2 and 3, are also offered by Treadwell. This particular Resin System has a flame spread rating of 5 and a smoke density rating of 5.