ArchitEX™ Horizontal Beams

Section Type

Section Size

Span Length(m)

Load (kN/m)


Section Sizes
Aw - Area of web (mm2)
Wt. - Weight of section (kg/m)
I - Moment of inertia (mm4)
S - Section modulus (mm3)
L - Span length (mm)
Fb - Maximum allowable flexural stress
Fv - Maximum allowable shear stress
Sectional Properties
Aw   Wt.  
I   S  
Span (m) Maximum Load Deflection
  1. Select Section Type.
  2. Select Section Size.
  3. Input Span Length (m).
  4. Input Load (kN/m).
  5. Calculate.
  6. Repeat to calculate next profile.
Important Note:
It has been identified that data might differ from previously published information. It is the responsibility of the user to conduct their own due diligence. This data is only relative to Treadwell products and will not guarantee the same performance as other similar products.

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