StickSAFE® Systems

When added safety is required with tapes to a confined space, machinery or even to signagae, our range of StickSAFE® tape and cleats will suit any requirement.

StickSAFE® Marking Tape

StickSAFE® Marking Tape is ideal for industrial uses as it boasts durability and is specifically designed for marking.


StickSAFE® Anti-Slip Tape

Hard wearing and easy to install, this traction enhancing self-adhesive tape provides an economical solution to the prevention of slips, trips and falls.


StickSAFE® Anti-Slip Cleats

StickSAFE® Anti-Slip Cleats can be made available with signage. These cleats are uniquely abrasive and self-adhesive to greatly enhance traction in slippery spaces. Moreover, they can be conveniently installed in any environment.