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ArchitEX™ Structural FRP Profiles

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About ArchitEXTM

ArchitEX™ fibreglass beams, columns and associated sections are produced from high quality FRP material, which makes structures strong as well as rewarding.  Both fibreglass beams and sections are specifically designed to endure all sorts of environmental inconsistencies.

Ranging from engineered to structural products and siding items to industrial roofing, the complete range of ArchitEX™ FRP solutions is known to have extended and superior UV protection and stability.

ArchitEXTM Range

C Channel
Double Web Beam
Unequal Leg Angle
Equal Leg Angle
Square Hollow Section
Rectangular Hollow Section
Circular Hollow Section
Circular Round Bar
Solid Bars
Embedment Angle

Why ArchitEXTM ?

Easy integration to various parts due to the capability to essentially shape any item with a constant cross section which can be pultruded.

A standard shape can be customised into a pultrusion by modifying the resin or reinforcement to achieve a particular customer need.

Standard resins can be modified or special resins can be used to maximise performance of the pultrusion in challenging environments.

The type, form, placement and quantity of reinforcements can be customised to optimise economy, develop ascribed strength and create or enhance other physical characteristics of a pultruded part.

Treadwell provides a range of core material options with comprehensive experience in composites over various materials including foam, balsa, polyethylene and aluminium.


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Benefits of FRP

Corrosion, Rust & Rot Proof​

Light Weight, High Strength & Easy Installation

No protective Coating Required

No Hot Work or Wielding Required

Long Term Cost Benefits

Non-Conductive & RF Transmission Transparent

Virtually Maintenance Free

Competitive Vs Traditional Materials

Design Flexibility

Environmentally Sound


Treadwell Group

At Treadwell Group, our distinct business divisions have been developed by utilising the most current composites technology in supplying fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) solutions and anti-slip materials. We engage our clients and provide true value through effective application of our broad range of fibreglass composite products and systems. We have constantly evolved our offerings in FRP grating, ladders, handrails and more. In line with this, we have grown in proficiency and capability in providing unique FRP solutions to a diversified range of industries like marine, mining, public infrastructure, oil and gas, and food and beverage sectors to name a few. The advancement of our products made from this unique anti-slip material is aimed at securing extended design life in different types of applications. In turn, this enables us to aid our continuing commitment to add more value to our customers’ undertakings.


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