Treadwell's EcoEX™ & ArchitEX™ at work at wastewater treatment facility

As part of SA Water’s plan to upgrade the Bolivar plant to increase capacity to up to 50% in certain areas, Treadwell had been tasked to aid in fulfilling the expansion of the facility. The main elements of the project were to allow inlet screens and clarifiers to accommodate the new projected flows. The current plant was also suffering from corrosion of concrete to a number of key portions of the plant.

The solution from Treadwell for wastewater plants came in the form of EcoEX™ and ArchitEX™.

High performance SURELINE® tank covers are manufactured from premium grade fibreglass resins and have reinforced membranes that contain odours emitted in the water. The panels are resistant against the corrosive environment they sit in.

The extensive range of ArchitEX™ provided the durable and strong components in the construct of inlets and other framework specified. These components are used to enhance the strength of the infrastructure and are designed to counter the environmental challenges.