Turnkey FRP Platform for Sydney Trains

Treadwell specialises in providing a wide-range of durable and anti-slip FRP structures made from fibreglass profiles. Situated by the side of a river, FRP was considered to be an ideal choice for the Sydney Trains platform because it was non-conductive and did not interfere with the transmissions.

With Treadwell’s GratEX® FRP grating, ArchitEX® FRP structural profiles and RailEX® FRP profiles, the client was supplied with a composite structure that is non-conductive, anti-slip in nature, RF transparent and highly resistant to corrosion. Moreover, the FRP platforms are practically maintenance free. The project was completed within the stipulated time frame without causing disruptions to the daily operations in the area, further, the use of fibreglass minimised the impact of a platform structure that borders the river.