Navigational Aid Structures Just Got Stronger

At most coastal sites, extreme deterioration to the channel navigational aid structures is evident due to its harsh surroundings and this is why the enhanced level of design was required to prolong the life span of these marine structures.

After consultations with the maintenance team of the port authority, it was decided to cut the top portion of the beacon piles above the water level. As per the discussion, there would be replacement of the top portion of the beacons with bolts. This would make the replacement or repairing process easier in the future. It was also decided to standardise the beacons piles with removable uniform beacon tops and upgrade the ladder fixings.

Treadwell offered an easy installation and low maintenance FRP maritime solution in this situation. We provided FRP grating, structural sections, handrails and hatches to endure the environment. In addition, FRP is non-conductive and RF transparent, which makes FRP ideally suited for the application.