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Treadwell Groups extensive range is designed for highly corrosive and high temperature environments. Find out which FRP solutions work best in your industry.

Industries Serviced


In a demanding environment, Treadwell's Access Systems improve project performance over time through the elimination of traditional alternatives which typically corrode quickly in aquaculture applications.

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Chemical and Petrochemical

With a range of products best suited for harsh corrosive environments, Treadwell has the solutions you need, whether it be cable ladder or tray, or instrumentation support stands, grating and handrail, or simply retro-fit anti-slip products, Treadwell has the ultimate solution available.

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Food and Beverage

Treadwell offers several product lines ideally suited for use in the food processing industry: from access systems designed for in floor drains and stands through to industrial slip control and custom anti-slip products, as well as underfoot matting.

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Marine and Shipping

At sea, Treadwell's FRP grating and handrail, just like our range of anti-slip products and cable management systems, offer unparalleled performance, excelling every time – we aim to stop anything worse ever happening at sea by preventing corrosion and slips, trips and falls.

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Mining and Minerals

Treadwell products set the standard for mining industry, especially as far as walkway or access products, underfoot anti-slip and cable management is concerned. With a wide range of best sellers we offer the solutions you need to make corrosion history and focus 100% on production!

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Oil and Gas

Designed quality assured for both offshore and onshore, Treadwell's range of products offer a vast range of anti-corrosive and weight saving solutions designed with 'outlasting alternatives' as the 'driver' – Treadwell underfoot and electrical products represent the best value over time.

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Public Infrastructure

Treadwell offers a broad range of solutions designed specifically for landscape structures in the public domain, including composite boardwalk and decking products and handrail solutions designed to outlast traditional timber and metallic alternatives.

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Pulp and Paper

Treadwell has the solutions you need for improved performance in the pulp and paper industry, whether it be for cladding of buildings, control of slip issues, or simply to eliminate costly corrosion issues in general.

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Water and Wastewater

With an innovative product range, designed around the key features of corrosion negation and efficient performance, Treadwell has emerged as a premier supplier to the water and wastewater industry.

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