SureLine® odour control covers are popular in many wastewater and sewage treatment plants around the world.

This odour control cover is a lightweight custom extruded panel that interlocks with the subsequent panel. This system can be designed, engineered and fabricated to suit specifications. SureLine® panels can be customised to be a load bearing platform solution to allow access to operators to safely reach covered areas. The SureLine® system can also be intended as a non-trafficable cover system that meets the AS1170 roof loading requirements for wind and access loads, as well as AS1657 trafficable loads. SureLine® is lighter than its heavy duty counterpart, SureLine® HD, making it ideal for tanks with shorter spans.

SureLine® odour control panels can also incorporate a range of inspection hatches, maintenance hatches and full access hatches with safety grates. Covers can be made in certain sizes to meet requirements or be in full sections. SureLine® covers may be designed to allow take off points and access where required.

SureLine® covers are sealed panel systems that are designed to contain odours and/ or operate together with scrubber systems that draw the contained gases and treat them.

Treadwell ensures optimized long term performance on each application specified through engineered solutions and suitable resin selection. With corrosion free technology, our odour control covers have earned a reputation in the industries it serves. Please consult Treadwell Group for further details on how to specify your odour control cover today.