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FRP Grating for Public Infrastructure

FRP Grating, Fibreglass Grating, Grp Grating

Lightweight FRP/Fibreglass Conveyer Guarding

Fibreglass Grating, FRP Grating, GRP Grating

Fibreglass Access Platform and Handrail

Fibreglass Access Platforms and Ladder made from a range of Fibreglass Grating and Pultruded Parts

FRP Grating Products

  • Moulded grating and stair treads
  • Pultruded grating and stair treads
  • Installation accessories
  • Grating acessories

FRP Handrail Systems

  • Square tubular handrail
  • Round tubular handrail
  • Adjustable handrail
  • Ergonomic handrail
  • Heavy duty industrial handrail

FRP Access Ladder &
Platform Systems

  • Industrial access ladders
  • Cage safety ladder systems
  • Complete FRP access fibreglass
    platform structures

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Treadwell Access Systems: FRP Grating, Handrail, Ladders, Platforms

Treadwell Leads in the Manufacture and Development of Fibreglass Access Systems

Our Company, Treadwell, serves our customers with A-grade fibreglass solutions which are mostly demanded by the industrial sectors like the marine, the petrochemical plants, the mineral extraction industry and the like. We incorporate the most updated technology in providing fibreglass customized solutions.

Fibreglass or Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) is basically made up of glass fibres which are finely placed in a matrix. They not only weigh lighter than most other materials but also cost less in terms of monetary expenses. They might have greater strength than carbon fibre, but that makes up for their qualities of being less brittle and heavily composed materials. The molding process is implemented to produce this material. We serve to bring to you the best quality FRP product range that will maximize your industrial access system.

Our centrally located Adelaide fabrication facility coupled with our extensive distribution of networking system across Australia allows our technical staff to provide services far and wide. Our quality commitment and testing ensure high-grade engineering and design assistance for any project.

With a broad history of installation in a wide range of challenging applications, including industrial process plants, mining applications, marine and coastal environments as well as public infrastructure, Treadwell has the experience to help you specify the right resin systems and products every time. If you have any unique design problems, chances are we've encountered something similar before.

The safe access and egress of personnel in elevated areas, corrosive areas and confined spaces or all of these is one of the biggest challenges faced in many industries. While there have been various conventional solutions offered over a long time, it was in the early 1990’s that Treadwell™ recognised the limitations of the materials utilised in existing structures such as pedestrian structures as compared with the versatility, durability and non-corrosive properties of Fibreglass Grating, fibreglass Composite Grating, FRP flooring and other FRP products available. It was from there on that Treadwell’s remarkable innovation in fibreglass composites lead to the inception and development of the ACCESS SYSTEMS range.

ACCESS SYSTEMS products are manufactured using Fibreglass composites, which means we can offer you light weight, high strength, non-corrosive and non-conductive solutions for many challenging situations. Due to extremely flexible design constraints, Treadwell’s Fibreglass Ladders, Fibreglass Grating and Fibreglass Handrail, can help you to achieve the ultimate solution to your own access and egress challenges through the effective application of composite materials. The implementation of ACCESS SYSTEMS products will ensure that you experience greater asset longevity, lower maintenance costs and remarkably effortless installation.

The benefits of Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic have been harnessed in many different sectors, saving departments and organisations around the country, significant amounts in maintenance and repair budgets. Public Infrastructure, Mining, Oil and Gas, Marine and Industrial Processing are just a few of the industries that are currently utilising FRP Grating, FRP flooring and other Composite Grating in the form of composite boardwalk & other ACCESS SYSTEMS products to realise substantial economic advantage. Get in contact today – Freecall 1800 246 800.

Our Application Services :

FRP & GRP Grating Products

We offer cost-effective products with the minimum amount of wastage for on-site fabrication. To implement less financial resources, the load bearing bars are placed in two directions without taking side support on a continuous basis. Products in this range include FRP and GRP Grating, Fibreglass and Composite Grating in the following categories:

  • • Installation Accessories
  • • Molded Grating and Stair Treads
  • • Safety Walkways
  • • FRP Unistrut & FRP Structures
  • • Pultruded Grating and Stair Treads

FRP Access Ladders and Platform System

Our products in this range are made of superior quality of Fibreglass, which offer unparalleled advantages, leaving behind alternatives that are metal or steel based. The product range in ladder and platform systems include Fibreglass ladders, Fibreglass platforms, Fibreglass Caged ladder, Safety Walkways and other such customizations in FRP based optimization which are offered in the following categories:

  • • Complete FRP Access Fibreglass Platforms Structure
  • • Industrial Access Safety walkways and Ladders
  • • Fibreglass Caged Ladder System

FRP Handrail System

The products that we offer in this range are made available in both round and square shapes. Their characteristics include resistance to corrosion, non-conductive properties, customized in fabrication and long but low- maintenance based life. Products in the range are inclusive of FRP Handrail, Plastic Handrail and Fibreglass Handrail which are offered in the following categories:

  • • Heavy duty Industrial Rail
  • • Round Tubular Handrail
  • • Square Tubular Handrail
  • • Ergonomic Handrail
  • • Adjustable Handrail

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