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Access Systems: T Type Grating

GridEX®  T Type Grating

Developed for areas where minimum open is required, this high strength grating system is designed and manufactured with a structural integrity commonly associated with metal grating systems, but without their corrosion problems.

It is highly resistant to creep, fatigue or permanent deformation. The highly efficient T-Beam load carrying members are mechanically locked together, yielding a highly stable and high strength grating panel. The inner core of unidirectional glass reinforcement provides the high strength and stiffness required by the load bar. The engineered shape of the GridEX® load bar offers the maximum resistance to deflection and an ability to support greater loads than other composite systems.

The pultruded composite used in GridEX® is around 75% lighter than steel and only 35% of the weight of aluminium which considerable simplifies installation and handling. Unlike metal grating, GridEX® grating can be easily cut on site using only hand tools, and no 'hot-work' tools such as torches or grinders.