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Access Systems: Stair Treads

GratEX®  Stair Treads

Selecting a tread with lasting non-slip properties, resilience to corrosion and proven long term cost advantages can help you enhance safety in the workplace by reducing the chance of slips, trips and falls.

Treadwell's range of GratEX®Stair Treads includes both open surface and closed surface options and a range of surface pattern, colour and leading edge nosing options. Overall tread length can be made to any dimension.

All GratEX® Premium Stair Tread options are moulded with the Solid Leading Edge Nosing in an integrated single stage operation, increasing the rigidity and durability of the tread section subjected to the most wear and tear.

All GratEX® Treads with abrasive Leading Edge Nosings are designed to AS-1657:1992. Standard nosings are only available in a contrasting colour to the rest of the tread (generally Black or Yellow), thus enhancing visual awareness whether ascending or descending the stairway.

Treadwell's recommendation is for Leading Edge Nosing to be specified. Without this feature, stair treads can become hazardous with no clear visual indication of the stair treads edge.

It is also important to consider that stair treads, and in particular, the leading edge, tend to wear quicker than grating due to continual concentrated loads.

GratEX® 50 mm and Solid Surface Stair Treads are available made to order. Contact Treadwell's technical assistance team for further details on 1800 246 800.

Notes: A bearing surface of at least 40 mm is recommended at the ends of GratEX® Stair Treads (and Panels). Compliance with AS1657:1992 requires Tread width > 215 mm.

GratEX® Typical Stair Tread Dimension Recommendations

Installation Notes: Ideally GratEX® Stair Treads should be supported on at least 2 sides and attached to the support frame with an appropriate Fixing Method. It is also recommended that standard size treads be installed with 4 clips.