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Access Systems: Rectangular Mesh / Landing Panels

GratEX®  Rectangular Mesh

GratEX® Rectangular Mesh offers you all the benefits of Square and Mini-Mesh Moulded Grating, whether it be required for additional light penetration or for overflow product to fall through.

Applications include marine environments, mineral processing, access ways in urban and public infrastructure applications and even, where required, floor mounted guarding.

Rectangular mesh is available with any surface option, in a range of colours, including a range of custom colours.


GratEX®  Landing Panels

GratEX® landings are also available as a part of Treadwell's extensive range.

GratEX® Landings combine the lasting non-slip properties, the resilience to corrosion and the proven long term cost advantages of GratEX® stair treads with the durable nature of GratEX® grating.

These landings are custom made for each and every application, greatly enhance visibility and reduce the wear commonly seen on landings immensely.