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Access Systems: Installation Methods & Accessories

GratEX®  Installation Methods & Accessories

Installation Accessories

Treadwell's GratEX® Moulded FRP Grating can be securely fixed to support members in a number of ways thanks to our extensive range of installation systems; all of which are available with fixings to suit. All GratEX® installation clip sets are tested and proven to function in the harshest of applications offering you total peace of mind. The system you specify can be delivered in a kit ready to be installed.

All of the GratEX® installation systems available are supplied standard as 316 grade Stainless Steel. Super duplex and 304 grade options are available on request, as are lesser grade zinc and galvanized options, meaning whatever your application, or whatever the chemicals presents in the application you are workingin, GratEX® holds the solution for you.

GratEX® offers conventional GratEX® tops and undersides, which are either universal or available to suit all types of GratEX®, as well as an exclusive fixing system designed for ease of installation and longevity in extreme conditions – refer to 'StormChief' on page 28.

Clip Tops

Clip Undersides

Common Clip Assemblies

Special Assembly

Fixing Types / Options

Standard Clip Set Details

Add Type-J underside – all other items included remain (only suitable for use in conjunction with Tops with Fixing A)
Add Type-H underside – Fixings alter (nut and washers eliminated)
Add Type-G underside – designed for use in conjunction with Tops with Fixing B
(if using a Top that normally uses Fixing A, an extra washer will be required)

Note: Different configurations utilising other Tops and Undersides are available – contact Treadwell on 1800 246 800.

Clip Set Frequency Recommendation:
Treadwell recommends that at least 4 GratEX® clip sets be installed per panel, regardless of size, or approximately 4 per m2 for areas exceeding 1 m2. If you have a unique requirement, chances are good we have encountered something similar before – contact Treadwell on 1800 246 800.