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Access Systems: FRP Grating Selection Guide

FRP Grating Selection Guide

GratEX® Moulded Grating vs GridEX® Pultruded Grating

Treadwell offers both Moulded and Pultruded Fibreglass (FRP) Grating products – the following table outlines the suitability of the different product styles to different applications –

Spans achievable with FRP-call us on freecall 1800 246 800
Q: We have always thought that to utilise FRP grating in our designs, additional structural supports were required to ensure normal spans could be achieved – is that the case? A: Not necessarily. GridEX® has an excellent span capability – quite comparable to metal alternatives. Typically GratEX® moulded grating is unable to span as far as a similar depth GridEX® pultruded grating system, in both directions and hence this perception.
We can offer you any color you want!
Q: We have never specified fibreglass mesh as the councils and national park authorities we typically work with aren't particularly eager to use brightly coloured grating on their public boat ramps – is it the case that only green and yellow are available? A: Definitely not – Treadwell offers a full range of custom colours. We can offer a completely customised colour solution if required, while still offering the standard Industrial Green and Safety Yellow products. Call us about colour matching your grating – 1800 246 800.
The extent of the Treadwell range... experience the benefit!
Q: We have areas in the plant we are currently operating where checkerplate should have been used, but because of the chemicals, stainless steel needed to be utilised – it proved a very costly exercise. Is there anything similar to checkerplate offered in fibreglass? A: Treadwell offers a range of solid surface grating products that are structural flooring systems. These products are available with a number of surfaces – please refer to page 12 for further information.
Treadwell FRP Design Life – we've got the proof... ask us about it
Q: We know that fibreglass grating has been widely used in industry for a long time, but have never really been given any information about the breakdown and failure of the product – does Treadwell have any data on this? A: Treadwell has been in the flooring industry for 20 years. We have, done extensive research and development which has established that fibreglass grating will not give way without warning. Fibreglass, if it is going to fail, will firstly show signs of failure, just like any metal grating system. Typically the exposure of glass signifies the resin laminate is being broken down. This will result in failure of the grating product unless repair is undertaken. Likewise, impact may result in the exposure of the glass fibres, necessitating replacement, or at least repair, as would be the case for metal grating if damaged.
In-house drafting - another Treadwell advantage
Q: We have always outsourced the grating work for any plants we have designed and typically the grating supplier has offered a drafting service, but when fibreglass grating is called for we have always done the drafting in-house and the grating costs end up very high. Is there some reason why? A: Treadwell specialises in the supply of FRP products and have in- house drafting personnel experienced in producing panel layouts for grating projects. This can make a huge difference to cost, especially with GratEX® moulded grating products. These products are produced in a mould meaning that if panel layouts are not done in an effective manner, by an experienced designer, a lot of wastage can be created very quickly.
Not all FRP Grating is the same!

Materials of Construction

EX-Series® FRP gratings are constructed from fibreglass rovings combined with a blend of thermosetting resin systems. All of the resins used in the production of EX-Series® products contain UV inhibitors and fire retardant additives.