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Access Systems: Phenolic Grating

EX-Series®  Phenolic Grating

EX-Series® Phenolic grating is the ultimate solution for applications where the risk of fire is prevalent and where smoke is not allowed to develop.

Treadwell, through the employment of only the most advanced production equipment and the use of the highest quality raw materials, has developed this unique range of leading offshore composite grating products. EX-Series® Phenolic Grating, which boasts US Coast Guard approval, is acceptable for use in areas and applications as outlined in the US Coast Guard Safety Manual Vol III.

Composite grating with the strength of metal grating

EX-Series® Phenolic Grating can span up to 70% more than that of equivalent size standard steel grating. Furthermore, Phenolic will not yield and so will return to its original shape if design loads are exceeded.

Ease of installation

EX-Series® Phenolic Grating is only 65% of the weight of steel bar grating and often, can be manually installed with ease.

Safety enhancing Anti-Slip surface

This system unique to EX-Series® Grating Systems means that load bars are broader than those of metal grating and are hence far less fatiguing than conventional steel bar grating and not dangerously sharp like serrated surface grating.

Extreme fire and impact resistance

The high glass reinforcement content in EX-Series® Phenolic Grating systems, which is laminated by an outer layer of resin rich Phenolic providing ultimate fire resistance, ensures extreme strength is maintained.

Typical Applications

• Jetties, Wharfs & marine structures
• Offshore production platforms
• Offshore drilling platforms
• Refineries
• Industrial/ Processing plants
• Shipboard Applications

Standard Panel Sizes

GratEX®1225 mm x 3665 mm
920 mmx3055 mm
GridEX®1524 mm x 6096 mm

Other custom panels sizes are achievable and readily available.

Installation Methods

Treadwell offers a range of Installation fixing systems designed for offshore wave zone environments as well as for standard industrial applications – refer to pages 18, 19 and 26, and to page 30 for the StormChief system which has a long-standing history of outstanding performance in the offshore industry.