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Great day out there today!

Great day out there today! The boys out in the back are really getting things cracking with the favourable weather today! #greatweathergreatwork#frpsolutions


Treadwell’s FRP systems complete ‘fit & forget’ solution

Exposure to the elements does cause quite a hassle, especially in corrosive environments. Maintenance is high and replacement due to rusting and other forms of degradation occur frequently. Luckily, Treadwell’s FRP systems are a complete ‘fit & forget’ solution for every scenario. To find out more, visit us at


Resistance to the challenging environments

Resistance to the challenging environments as well as to chemicals is an important aspect when specifying the right product for the right use. Treadwell provides an easier solution with 4 of our trademarked resin systems to select from. These resin systems can be further fine tuned to better suit your needs. To find out more, […]


Treadwell’s fibreglass ladders LadderEX

Did you know that LadderEX, Treadwell’s fibreglass ladders, conform to AS1657 – 2018? Our products in this range are made from superior fibreglass which offers unparalleled advantages, leaving behind alternatives that are metal or steel based. To find out more, please check our LadderEX product guide at


Treadwell Talent Focus

Treadwell Talent Focus – Kenneth Loh | Internal Sales & Marketing Manager Kenneth could’ve been a great soccer player but he followed his true calling in sales and marketing at Treadwell instead. With experience gained in business management and consultancy as well as sales across Asia and Australia, Kenneth oversees the internal sales, product development […]


Benefits of FRP

Did you know that FRP is transparent to radio frequency as well being non-conductive in nature? They are but just some of the benefits that FRP presents to users and would-be users! To find out more, simply visit


Wagga Wagga Water Treatment Plant site

Curious about how is the water that you use, treated and purified? Interested in visiting a state of the art water treatment facility and meeting qualified members of the Riverina Water County Council as they share their knowledge with you? Now is your chance! A guided tour of the Wagga Wagga Water Treatment Plant is […]