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Handrails Accomplished By Treadwell’s RailEX Range

Electrically non-conductive and RF transparent are great attributes if you need handrails a substation that is exposed. Not a hard thing to accomplish with Treadwell’s RailEX range! For more information, check out


Designing, Producing and Delivering of FRP Columns by Treadwell

People are often surprised when we say “…yup, that column you are resting on is made from FRP!” at every trade show or event we go to. Treadwell is an expert in helping you design, produce and deliver FRP columns, beams and other structural profiles required on your project. To find out more about our […]


What Does Translucent Grating Look Like

We have had some viewers ask about what our translucent grating look like – so here it is standalone and when it is put in place. Quite a rarity around here. Speak to us on how to get your hands on this for your next project – drop us a line on 1800 246 800 […]


Welcome To The Strathalbyn Site!

The Strathalbyn site was finally opened to everyone to come have a look at the new place on 8th of June. Burgers, drinks and good fun all around. More importantly, it was a great chance to show the entire SA team the grounds, machinery, office, warehouse and factory. Big things expected from this new facility!


FRP Grating Was Used For Architectural Setting

Great to see our specially ordered translucent FRP grating blending into the awesome background well. Usually our FRP grating is used for structural and flooring purposes but to see it done so well in an architectural setting is something of a rarity. #impossiblemadepossible