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Micro Mesh FRP Solutions

From bridges to schools, Micro Mesh provides a solution where aperture sizes are a concern. Micro Mesh is the best decking option for structures where small objects falling through and high heels are variables. For more information, please visit…/ex-…/micro-mesh-grating/.


FRP Beams On Water Passage Way

FRP beams forming the cover across this water passage way with FRP grating providing the anti-slip access. Work still in progress – watch this space for the completed project!


Treadwell’s pre-engineered crossovers

To meet the demands of a more cost effective, standard solution to varying requirements, Treadwell’s pre-engineered crossovers provide a readily accessible solution to cater to a variety of height options that suits most standard clearances. Treadwell’s crossovers are well rounded and sufficiently adaptable to solve many of today’s necessities.


Safe Anti-slip FRP Grating Deck

New additions to a park in Tasmania! FRP grating supplied by Treadwell to ensure a safe anti-slip deck that can be enjoyed by all in any weather condition for many years to come.


FRP Grating Deck On A Feeding Barge

Easy to install, anti-corrosive, light in weight and extremely durable – features which makes our FRP grating the ideal option for decking a feeding barge. Very impressive standing up close next to it.


FRP Grating Bridge

Some before and after images of a wooden bridge that was upgraded with Treadwell’s FRP grating. The impact on its surroundings is minimal with the change and everyone can enjoy the access for many years ahead


Corrosion Resistant FRP Grating Micro Mesh

Micro Mesh is a corrosion resistant FRP grating that allows pets and high heels for ease of pedestrian access. Strong and durable, it is an ideal option for a bridge such as this. To find out more, please visit…/ex-…/micro-mesh-grating/.


Treadwell’s New Online Specifying Tool

Introducing TreadSpec! Treadwell’s new online specifying tool to help source and specify products from our entire range faster, quicker and more accurate. Starting with ArchitEX, our FRP structural profiles offering, we will be releasing the first of our series of online specifiers. Please visit to browse now!!